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Chip and Mulligan
Breed: Male Westies
Georgetown, Texas
Chip and Mulligan

In Memory of
Mulligan Wray crossed to the bridge 5/18/07

Chip crossed 6/24/12
Chip and Mulligan
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Born: Apr '98, Jul '96
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Georgetown, Texas
Weight: 28 lbs, 18 lbs

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Favorite food: Chip- RAW Slop. Mulligan- My raw slop.

Favorite toy: Chip- Squeeky Monkey. Mulligan- Anything that Chip will let me play with.

Favorite activity: Chip- I love to walk on the golf course with my forever parents. Mulligan- I love to be by my forever father's side- no matter what he is doing.

Special talents: Chip- I stay, sit, and lie down on command. Mulligan- I can talk. I grrr and growl and just talk especially if you don't do what I want you to.

Most embarrassing moment: Chip- I am still planning on doing something! Mulligan- came to my new home with a terrible case of worms. They are disgusting!!!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Chip- Well, hey, I was on death row in St. Charles County, MO for 28 days. Mulligan- Who me? Why, Auntie Brenda says it best - I am an angel...

My favorite friends: Chip- Archie my Westie neighbor and Jack my Cairn neighbor. Mulligan- Well, Chip I guess since he is my brother and I like Archie next door too. He is a little Westie.

Biggest adventure: Chip- I came all the way to South Alabama to live forever with my new parents. Mulligan- I moved from the snow and icy streets of Springfield, Illinois to our sunny golf course home near the Gulf of Mexico.

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