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Breed: Female Cairn

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Clover Wray peacefully joined her brothers Mulligan and Chip on May 30, 2014. She was a stoic and loyal little Cairn.
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Born: Jan. 2000
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Texas
Weight: 14 pounds

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Favorite food: I love all food.

Favorite toy: Anything that either Chip or Mulli is playing with.

Favorite activity: I love to chase anything that moves especially squirrels and butterflies.

Special talents: Hummm, not sure if not being able to bark is a talent or something that was done to me by the puppy millers.

Most embarrassing moment: When my Mom stepped in my poop with her bare feet.

Most trouble I ever got into: When Chip and I had a major fight and my Mom got on to me real bad. That was the last fight we have had.

My favorite friends: Chip and Mulligan of course.

Biggest adventure: The first week I was here we evacuated for Hurricane Dennis. Then we stayed home for Hurricane Katrina. We hate having to go potty during one of those things.

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