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Doogie of Lyons
Breed: Male Westie
Lyons, Illinois
Doogie of Lyons
Doogie of Lyons
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Born: January, 1996
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Lyons, Illinois

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Favorite food: Neura95 canned food (Lamb and Rice) and any treats I can get when I come inside!

Favorite toy: Rawhide chews, pull toy, and my blue racketball. I found out how to tear up soft toys when I was younger. Also anything that squeaks.

Favorite activity: Mom and Dad say I am a comfort bug. I find the softest place (on mom and dad's bed) to take daytime naps. When dad comes home we MUST take a walk. At nighttime I stay up late chewing my rawhide chews. I love to take a ride to the pet store and shop for my own toys and food.

Special talents: I can sit, give paw, and my specialty is to roll over for a treat. I can also operate my own treat machine and get the goodies out without any human intervention. Dad says that I can say "phone home", just like ET.

Most embarrassing moment: I visited grandma's house and checked out everywhere in the place. Three weeks later, grandma called my mom and said she found a dried up souvenir hidden in a corner of the basement family room! I would never do this in my own home!

Most trouble I ever got into: I made a mistake once and saw a feather sticking out of mom's down quilt. I meant to let her know, and I chewed a "little" hole to pull out more feathers, so she could see them.

My favorite friends: I have another Westie friend named Nikko. All the dogs on my block (Bart, and ToeJoe). I have been trying to catch those squirrels since I was just a little tot, but haven't so far. Dad says I would not harm one if I did. I just want to play.

Biggest adventure: No big tales to tell about adventures. Just my weekly trip to the pet store to shop for food and toys.

My web page: Doogie of Lyons's Website

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