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Cricket, Toto, and Jordie
Breed: Female Westies and Cairn
Farmington, Minnesota
Cricket, Toto, and Jordie
Cricket, Toto, and Jordie
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Born: Aug '00, Jul '01, Jun '01
Breed: Female Westies and Cairn
Residence: Farmington, Minnesota
Weight: 18 lbs, 15 lbs, 16 lbs

Favorite food: Mom's homemade treats, ice cubes, potato.

Favorite toy: Rope bones, old socks.

Favorite activity: The Cairn, Toto, likes to start fights with the Westies, Cricket & Jordie, who prefer to nap or will team up against Toto to Toto's delight.

Special talents: Cricket likes to howl (on or off command), belly crawl, & sit up on her hind legs; Jordie holds the record for giving the most puppy kisses (gave Dad kisses for 10 minutes straight one night); Toto likes to make standing jumps onto incredibly high places and attack Dad's remote controlled truck that is bigger than she is (she's left her mark on it numerous times).

Most embarrassing moment: When we all used to have accidents at Grandma & Grandpa's house, or find things to roll in as well. Toto is a scrapper by nature and will go after other dogs - one day she took off the front porch and lit into a large dog running with his owner. The owner, on rollerblades, almost wiped out and Toto just lunged at the dog, caught him in the hind haunches, but because she had so much force propelled herself into a heap on the ground. Got up, shook herself off, and took after the dog again! (It was embarrassing for Mom & Dad).

Most trouble I ever got into: Cricket has chewn and scratched holes in walls; Jordie likes to take off around the house and occasionally leave little presents in her kennel; Toto has run across yards and rolled in a dead snake as well as have numerous accidents in the house when she first came to live with her 3rd new family.

My favorite friends: Uncle Fred, a bichon frise, and our next door neighbor, Teal, a chocolate lab. However any dog is a big hit!

Biggest adventure: Any trip in the car with Mom and Dad is a huge adventure. Toto had been surrendered to the humane society twice before coming to live with her current family due to lack of poddy-training. So her biggest is definitely her journey to her current (and last) home.

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