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Dakota and Cheyene
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Dakota and Cheyene
Dakota and Cheyene
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Born: Dec '00, Aug '99
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Weight: 19 lbs, "Chunky"

Favorite food: Everything...anytime.

Favorite toy: Teddy bear and frog.

Favorite activity: Dakota- Daily walks. Chasing the automatic pool cleaner, and barking at the pool man. Cheyene- Going to the coffee shop in the morning and begging for my mom's muffin!

Special talents: Dakota- Getting what I want, when I want it. Cheyene- I smile!!!!!!

Most embarrassing moment: Dakota- While chasing a kitty and falling into the shallow end of our swimming pool. Cheyene-Getting stuck under the bed....after gaining a few pounds....

Most trouble I ever got into: Who Me??

My favorite friends: Dakota- Sierra (a black cairn) Beau, and of course my sister "cheyene". Cheyene- Sierra Beau, and of course my brother Dakota "Cody".

Biggest adventure: Dakota- Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Cheyene-Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, every change I get...visiting with the Indians on the plaza...they wanted to take me home with them...

Member since 01/27/2003
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