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Duncan and Nikita
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Amherst, New York
Duncan and Nikita
Duncan and Nikita
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Born: June, 1998
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Amherst, New York
Weight: Duncan: A gentleman never tells... Nikita: Not as much as when I gave birth to 5 puppies!

Favorite food: Duncan: Celery, apricots. Nikita: Celery, apricots, sushi.

Favorite toy: Xena the Zebra.

Favorite activity: Duncan: Watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Talking to people. Nikita: Being petted. Beating up Duncan. Being held.

Special talents: Duncan: Too numerous to list here. Nikita: I gave birth to 5 beautiful children. I'd say that's special.

Most embarrassing moment: Duncan: When I let Nikita beat me up. Nikita: Learning the invisible fence.

Most trouble I ever got into: Duncan: Peeing on my daddy. Nikita: Eating some of Daddy's sushi.

My favorite friends: Jesse - our Golden Lab neighbor. Stanley - our Sheepdog neighbor. Tiki - our Bichon Frise neighbor.

Biggest adventure: Duncan: Moving from North Carolina to New York. Nikita: Giving birth, definitely.

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