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Ellie May
Breed: Female Cairn
Ellie May
Ellie May
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Born: May, 1999
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: England
Weight: 17 pounds

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Favorite food: Complete chucky and rice but I love real chucky also.

Favorite toy: I have lots of toys ,but I love the big Foxy Puppet the best.

Favorite activity: Chasing my border collie sister and going hunting with her and zooming around causing mischief.

Special talents: I recently won 3rd prize in a fancy dress competition,and I am very funny and have hidden talents that have not emerged yet!!

Most embarrassing moment: Um!I have only been embaressed once since I got my new home and that was when I was zooming along the fence...I forgot there was a Belfast sink sunk into the lawn and I fell in it!!! Luckily it had not got water in it at the time!! but I dont really get embaressed as I am a Cairn Terrier!

Most trouble I ever got into: I have not got into trouble yet and If I do I will no doubt wriggle out of it and anyway I am far to cute to be told off!

My favorite friends: Eric my older cairn brother he is 16 this year and Emma my 3 yr old border collie sister, we hunt and play together, we are both Bossy. and I love my mummy and Daddy.

Biggest adventure: I have only been in my new home for 6 weeks and have been occupied with jolly things to do all the time ,but I am going on holiday in this country to somewhere really doggie friendly with my family,I hope its a log cabin in the woods!

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