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Breed: Male Westie
Portland, Oregon
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Born: February, 1998
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Portland, Oregon
Weight: 22 lbs. (all muscle!)

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Favorite food: Cheese.

Favorite toy: Soft squeeky rabbit.

Favorite activity: Going for a walk. Walking on the beach. Killing snakes, chasing squirrels and sleeping.

Special talents: I'm trying to run and jump high enough to catch the birds, but so far have not been air-born.

Most embarrassing moment: My grandma was having a family reunion. My entrance was memorable: I ran into the room and whent potty on the back door curtains. My mom was so embarrassed. But to this day eveyone remembers me!

Most trouble I ever got into: My brother, Casey and I ran away from home and visited the grade school down the street and it was lunch time. While Casey waited outside, I found the lunch room and picked up some great hand-outs at the salad bar.

My favorite friends: My human brother Chris and my dog brother Casey - he's a golden retriever. My half-sister Angel.

Biggest adventure: I walked in the Westie Walk last September. We walked through downtown Portland with over 100 westies!

Member since 08/06/2001
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