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Breed: Male Westie
Tallahassee, Florida
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Born: August, 2002
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Tallahassee, Florida
Weight: 11 pounds

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Toby, Molly and Harley

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Favorite food: Anything, mostly food and Toilet Paper.

Favorite toy: I have so many toys, but my favorite is my squeak ball.

Favorite activity: Zooming around the house, chasing Bear, (he really needs the exercise) Watching TV w/ mom, playing in the yard, going out the doggie door and then coming right back in. It's a real talent. Riding on the motorcycle, having my tummy rubbed, but NOT brushing, Patroling the compound.

Special talents: I have the ability to "find" stuff that should be out of my reach. I am part mountian goat, and part billy goat, I can climb up to get it, then I eat it...

Most embarrassing moment: I found this dead bird in the yard, and I just knew that Mom would love to have a present, but she really wigged out and then threw it away. She even had the nerve to tell me "NO" and "BAD BOY". See if I bring her anymore presents and put them in bed with her to wake up too.

Most trouble I ever got into: Back to the dead bird...I also like to shred t-paper into as many pieces as possible, I chew shoes, but only one of each pair. Gee, you'd think they would appreciate my no being selfish..

My favorite friends: Daddy (Toby) Mommy (Molly) and Bear (the rottie) I also like Josh & Joey, my human brothers. They have lots of stereo equipment in their rooms and I love music.

Biggest adventure: I got to go on a road trip to deliver my sister Lily to her new mommy & daddy. We stopped for ice cream on the way back. I got to ride on the stearing wheel so I can see. I really like car rides and I like to ride on the motorcycle. It's zooming in high gear...

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