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Harry and Mac
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Oak Park, Illinois
Harry and Mac
Harry and Mac
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Born: Oct '99, Jan '00
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Residence: Oak Park, Illinois
Weight: 18 lbs each

Favorite food: Harry- Anything Barbequed, Mac- Cheese.

Favorite toy: Harry- Tennis Ball, Mac- Bones the Beanie Baby.

Favorite activity: Chasing Squirrels!!!!

Special talents: Barking, playing soccer, decapitating and destuffing new toys.

Most embarrassing moment: Harry-I went to my great aunt's and she had a giant tree inside the house, so I thought it was an indoor toilet, but I was wrong. Mac- I sometimes roll in other dogs poo at puppy park, and no one seems to want to get near me after.

Most trouble I ever got into: When we tore up mommy's favourite pair of boots, and when we run away and don't come when called, the good thing about there being two of us is that mommy and daddy never know who actually tore up the things when they were gone, so they can't really yell at us too hard.

My favorite friends: Bean, the Britney next door, my cousin, Mandy, a Shepherd mix, and my cousin, Tags, the pug, and all my friends at puppy park.

Biggest adventure: When we go to Lake James in Indiana and run in the swamp we get all muddy and swim. Mommy doesn't make us wear a leash there so that's where we have most of our adventures.

Member since 11/14/2001
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