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Hawley Jane aka Hawleywood
Breed: Female Westie
Atlanta, Georgia
Hawley Jane aka Hawleywood
Hawley Jane aka Hawleywood
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Born: 3/2009
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Atlanta, Georgia
Weight: 20 lbs.

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Lynn and Chester JO

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Chester Jo

Favorite food: Anything that my big brother Chester Jo is eating and the plants in the backyard!

Favorite toy: My stuffed squirrels,and sticks in the yard. I am very talented at destuffing my toys!

Favorite activity: Sleeping,eating and wrestling with Chester Jo. And I love to eat ants and tree roots....oh and dragging Mommie's bushes through the yard, once I have pulled them out by the roots....are you seeing a pattern here?!

Special talents: Well, where do I begin???? My brother Chester Jo and I share the same talent of being excellent dancers. We are considering auditioning as a Brother/Sister team in SYTYCD next season...I think we have a good shot!

Most embarrassing moment: I have NEVER been embarrassed and don't ever expect to!

Most trouble I ever got into: Who me?

My favorite friends: Mommie, Daddy and Chester Jo....and that Pesky neighbor dog who is fenced in too and we cannot play....so I decide to bark for 30 minutes....darn humans keeping us apart!

Biggest adventure: Riding from Virginia to go to my new home in Georgia.

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