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Jolly Rodgers
Breed: Male Cairn
Debary, Florida
Jolly Rodgers
Jolly Rodgers
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Born: Not sure!
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Debary, Florida
Weight: More than enough

Favorite food: Yes. please and thank you. ;-)

Favorite toy: They are all MINE.

Favorite activity: Eating, sleeping and playing - usually in that order!

Special talents: Devastating charm, used at will to those in my presence! :-)

Most embarrassing moment: My porn cairn photo which has been around the internet a few years. blush.

Most trouble I ever got into: Who, me? Nothing honey! Okay, maybe stealing food from another doggie but hey, if they are slow is that MY fault?

My favorite friends: Amy in Ormond Beach, FL. sigh. She's a former Col. Potter kid too!

Biggest adventure: Leaving a mill for freedom. Nothing matches THAT!

Member since 01/22/2006
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