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Breed: Female Westie
Big Lake, Minnesota
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Born: March 25, 2006
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Big Lake, Minnesota
Weight: 21 pounds

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Westie Pup

Favorite food: CHEESE...Bleu, gouda, havarti, Kraft singles...you name it, I LOVE it!

Favorite toy: My stuffed pig, Hammy; my purple bear, Squeakers; and my rainbow colored ball (Daddy loves to play with it too!) and my mommy and daddy.

Favorite activity: Playing ball with my daddy and snuggling with my mommy. I also love to give kisses, bark at puppies on the TV and bark at people that don't have my permission to walk down my street! Oh, and I love playing with my ball that is bigger than me in our backyard...oh, I love it when my neighbor, Quincy the Boston Terrier comes over to play!

Special talents: I am a howler - that is how I greet people! I am a great watch dog too! I love to keep my eye on the house while I am looking out the window lying on our new King Size Bed...we had to get one, the queen size didn't suit the 3 of us anymore...a pup has got to get a good nights rest!

Most embarrassing moment: My first big dog haircut--- it looked like I had a reverse mohawk. Oh, and I get really gassy at grandma's once...I cleared the whole room...but enough about that...

Most trouble I ever got into: Mommy and daddy don't like it when I dig in our yard...but they don't stay mad at me for long...

My favorite friends: Quincy the Boston Terrier, Mika the Malti-poo and of course ALL of my friends here on the TC!

Biggest adventure: I got off of my leash at the park by the railroad tracks once - I had a good time, but I think it made my mommy nervous - when I came to her she gave me a lot of treats and kisses!

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