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Breed: Female Westie
Omaha, Nebraska
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Born: May, 2002
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Weight: 16 pounds

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Favorite food: All treats and bananas.

Favorite toy: My blue ball is the best.

Favorite activity: Chewing my ball while wrapping myself around my mom's leg.

Special talents: Everything about me is special according to my mommy. I can catch my toy ring in mid air.

Most embarrassing moment: When I relieved myself on my mom in front of our friend, John.

Most trouble I ever got into: I constantly chew things. I chewed a new pair of my mom's shoes. I got in big trouble for that one.

My favorite friends: Ty, a Boston terrier/black lab mix. He is really silly. Carter, the dog next door. He and I run around like crazy fools when we get to play together.

Biggest adventure: I think everything is an adventure because I am very curious.

Member since 01/01/2004
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