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Lionel and Richie
Breed: Male Westies
Appleton, Wisconsin
Lionel and Richie
Lionel and Richie
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Born: December, 1999
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Appleton, Wisconsin
Weight: 17 pounds

Favorite food: IAMS mini chunks.

Favorite toy: Lionel- Little soccer ball. Richie- Anything that squeaks so that I can "kill" it.

Favorite activity: Lionel- Anything OUTSIDE. Richie- Car rides and running with my friends at the dog park, also terrorizing my brother Lionel.

Most embarrassing moment: Richie- When I let my brother get the best of me.

Most trouble I ever got into: Lionel- Running 4 blocks from home while mom zig zagged throught the neighborhood with my brother in tow. Richie- Ripping up the couch pillows when we were first adopted.

My favorite friends: Lionel- My brother Richie. Richie- My brother Lionel.

Biggest adventure: 8 hour car ride to grandparents in MInnesota.

Member since 08/25/2003
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