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Breed: Male Westie
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Born: July, 2002
Breed: Male Westie
Weight: 12 pounds

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Favorite food: Dog Food & Crushed Ice.

Favorite toy: My rubber shoe, my tennis ball & my pull-tug toy.

Favorite activity: Going for rides in the car to my Mom's house because when I get there I can do anything I want. I like to play tag with my sister Kasper and my cousin Sam the cats. I also like to sleep a lot.

Most embarrassing moment: The day I staid over at my Mon's house I was in my crate and did number 2 and got it all over myself very embarrassing.

Most trouble I ever got into: I would say that about a week ago I was in my crate and I got a little board. I managed to get the plastic house that the dryer uses, so the hot air can vent out to my back yard and I destroyed it. I think that my Dad was a little upset.

My favorite friends: Mom, Dad my sister Kasper my big brother Luke and cousin Sam.

Biggest adventure: My family's trip to Connecticut but it was sad we had to leave my big brother Luke with his new family.

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