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Lucy and Taz
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Lucy and Taz
Lucy and Taz
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Born: February, 2002
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Weight: 12 pounds

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Favorite food: Lucy- Turkey. Taz- Anything my mom eats.

Favorite toy: Lucy- Racquet ball, rattle baby. Taz- Whatever Lucy has.

Favorite activity: Lucy- Walking with my mom and 'new' sister. Racing around the house as fast as I can. Giving my mom kisses. Taz- Zooming, playing with Lucy and grabbing Mom's socks.

Special talents: Lucy- Being cute! Taz- I can smile so cute (at least Mom says so).

Most embarrassing moment: Lucy- Barking at Ken in his "own" home! Taz- What? Me Embarrassed!

Most trouble I ever got into: Lucy- Fighting with my new friends. Taz- I don't get into trouble. I let Lucy do that.

My favorite friends: Lucy- Maggie (she is my new sister) and Cocoa and Cinnamon. They are both pugs but they are cool. Taz- Lucy, Maggie (my sisters) Cinnamon and Coco (my hu-sisters pugs).

Biggest adventure: Lucy- Going to meet Cocoa and Cinnamon who live 200 miles away. That was one long drive. Going to the beach for the first time. I thought chasing the seagulls was so much fun. Taz- Going on a BIG airplane all the way from Chicago to Seattle to get to my forever home. The ride was really bumpy too!

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