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Breed: Male Westie
Bethlehem, PA
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Born: Sept 1999-Aug 2013
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Weight: 18 pounds

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Favorite food: KUMPI Dog Food topped with a slice of ground turkey or chicken meatloaf. And, I love my salmon treats!

Favorite toy: My big Disney ball, squeaky carrot, fish tug toy and my little white fleece kitty cat.

Favorite activity: I just love to play! One of my favorite activities is playing soccer with my big Disney ball...I'm really good at it. Barking and chasing squirrels and rabbits is also fun. And,recently I discovered deer in my yard! Sometimes I just like to race around the house as fast as I can go. Also, I'm always ready to go for a walk or a ride.

Special talents: Mom says my most special talent is the joy and happiness I bring to everyone I meet because I'm such a friendly little guy. Everyone always smiles at me and naturally I smile back and give lots of Westie kisses. I am a registered therapy dog and I hold the Canine Good Citizen title.

Most embarrassing moment: I'm a Westie...not much embarasses me! However, there was the time that I went to the Vet for my shots and when I saw that needle...well, I just decided "no way". I leaped off that metal table and into Mom's arms. Good thing she caught me! Of course, after I got the shots(oh yes, Mom put me back on the table)I realized it was no big deal.

Most trouble I ever got into: Trouble seems to find me!...like the time I was visiting my Grandma and for some reason I decided to mark the drapes by the patio door. Of course, I was just a puppy then, I wouldn't do it now. More recently, I find that waste baskets are fun to knock over; magazines, especially current ones, are fun to shred, and socks and slippers are fun to hide under the bed. All these activities that I enjoy so much seem to get me into trouble.

My favorite friends: I'm blessed with many friends. When we visit the Pittsburgh area, I get to play with my cousins, Annie(Golden Retriever) and Hope(Beagle mix). My neighbor Bailey (Golden retriever) and Tanner (lab mix) are good friends. Also, when I go for walks I see a favorite friend,Madison(samoyed). Also, have all my therapy dog pals and all of my friends from the tc..some I have even met. Emma (westie from NYC) is my special sweetheart and friend.

Biggest adventure: Life is one big adventure and I'm enjoying every minute of it. One of my favorite memories is the time I was visiting my Grandma and my cousin Hope was also there. Everyone was busy talking and paying no attention to us. We were playing chase when we discovered that someone opened the patio door and forgot to pull the screen across. Yipee!! We were out the door in a flash. We were having a great time exploring until it sounded like everyone in the neighborhood was calling our names. When we got home we got lots of hugs and kisses. Arrroooooo!!!

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