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Mackie, Lily, Piper
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Ilderton, Ontario, Canada
Mackie, Lily, Piper
Mackie, Lily, Piper
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Born: Mackie: Jan '02, Lily & Piper: Apr '02
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Ilderton, Ontario, Canada
Weight: Mackie: 22 lbs, Lily: 18 lbs, Piper: 25 lbs

Favorite food: Cheese!!!

Favorite toy: Mackie: blankets and pillows. Lily & Piper: ball.

Favorite activity: Mackie: I love to bunch blankets up underneath me and lay on the couhc looking out the window. Lily & Piper: We love to play fetch, or especially hockey and soccer with our brother James and his friends.

Special talents: We can hear the cheese drawer being opened in the fridge from the other end of the house!

Most embarrassing moment: Well, we never get embarassed. We outnumber everyone!

Most trouble I ever got into: Mackie & Lily: We ate some flooring once. That didn't go over well... Piper: I am constantly in trouble, because I really love the sound of my own voice. I talk (loudly) to everyone and everything that passes my house...repeatedly.

My favorite friends: My love James and all his friends because they play with us all the time.

Biggest adventure: We love going to visit grandma's house because we can walk on the beach and in the woods, and lots of other cool places.

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