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MacKenzie and Tobey
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
So. California
MacKenzie and Tobey
MacKenzie and Tobey
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Born: Mar '98, Jul '02
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Residence: So. California
Weight: 21 lbs, 22 lbs

Favorite food: MacKenzie- Freshly cooked chicken; Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream ( to take my pills); 3 Dog Bakery pup tarts. Tobey- Anything except oranges!!

Favorite toy: MacKenzie- My Lambie; Miss Piggy, (who goes "oink, oink") and Teeger (who roars!). Tobey- Anything I can chew on or make a noise with!!

Favorite activity: MacKenzie- Playing w/ Mum; walkies; playing "And your little dog Toto, too" w/ my Mum. Tobey- Going for a ride in the car!! Kisses w/ my Mum; running and walkies; sleeping.

Special talents: MacKenzie- Being the sweetest girlie-girl; Scolding Mum w/ my aroo-oo when she's late; giving the best nose kisses to Vetlady; being best watch dog in my community!!! Tobey- Smelling food; being the smartest Rescue dog!

Most embarrassing moment: MacKenzie- I have NEVER been embarrassed!!! Tobey- Peeing and pooping in the new Vet's office.

Most trouble I ever got into: MacKenzie- When I was sleeping w/ Mum and I got scared in the dark and bit her on the nose! Tobey- Sneaking my Sissy's food; my Mum forgives ALL my "transgressions."

My favorite friends: MacKenzie- Wulfie, the Cairn; Jackson Browne, the Yorkie; Obi, the terri-poo; Tobey Maguire, my "bro"; and Michi and Nichi,my new Bichon neighbors. Tobey- My Sissy, MacKenzie; Jackson Browne, the Yorkie; any kid!!; Bristol the cat.

Biggest adventure: MacKenzie- My first car ride to San Diego; going to the beach and finding a (dead) seal; meeting a "horse" at the park; driving to Las Vegas with Mum to meet my 2nd brother, Tobey Maguire. Tobey- Coming to my Forever Home-- we drove from Las Vegas to Southern California-- I was really pooped out when we got home, so I slept for 10 hours, straight!!

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