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Mollie & Maddie
Breed: Female Westies
Barrington, Illinois
Mollie & Maddie
Mollie & Maddie
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Born: Aug '99
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Barrington, Illinois
Weight: 16 lbs, 15 lbs

Favorite food: Popcorn, Alphabets - well honestly ANYTHING!

Favorite toy: (Mollie): Anything that Maddie had.
(Maddie): A stuffed slipper.

Favorite activity: (Mollie): Cuddling and keeping the yard free of ANY intruders.
(Maddie): Playing "laser light".

Special talents: We passed Obedience class and also have our own "pet Driver's Licenses". Molly uses the "Treat Machine" in the afternoon to have a snack for her and Maddie.

Most embarrassing moment: (Mollie): Getting to "know" my feline sister Kaydee while she was in the corner of the pantry and she kinda slapped me around - didn't know cats could "box"!
(Maddie): Our 3 hour car ride to my new home and I was car sick for 2 1/2 hours - I thought I was not gonna be able to go to my new home- but my Mom loves me anyhow!

Most trouble I ever got into: (Mollie): Well probably the time I totally shredded a magazine - it looked like the family room was covered in snow.
(Maddie): It has to be the time I ran out of the back door and my mom had to chase me and chase me - I finally caught her tho.

My favorite friends: We are still trying to make friends with our kitty sister Kaydee - but that isn't working well. So we have canine friends like our cousin Barnaby - a Golden and cousin Mugsy a Shih Tzu. We have a new Golden Retriever Kuzin - Barnaby's brother - his name is Grant he is 7 years old and our Aunt gave him a Forever home.

Biggest adventure: The time we went to our Aunt's house and we went swimming in their pool for the first time in our lives.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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