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Maggie and Brodie
Breed: Female Westies
Atlantic Beach, Florida
Maggie and Brodie
Maggie and Brodie
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Born: Oct '98, ? 1999
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Atlantic Beach, Florida
Weight: 16 (Maggie), 15 (Brodie)

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Favorite food: Maggie - lemons! Brodie - any "people food"

Favorite toy: Beanie babies.

Favorite activity: We love to constantly guard the house from squirrels. We also love to watch Animal Planet, and any television commercials that involve dogs.

Special talents: We both have extraordinary talent for looking cute while creating absolute havoc!

Most embarrassing moment: Bad haircuts!

Most trouble I ever got into: Maggie "helped" remove wallpaper in our kitchen one evening.

My favorite friends: Lucy, our Springer Spaniel pal.

Biggest adventure: For Brodie, walking to the beach in the evenings is her biggest adventure. She gets to meet new pals each time she goes!

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