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Breed: Female Cairn
Dixon, California
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Born: Aug 9, 2013 Gotme Day
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Dixon, California
Weight: 16 pounds

Favorite food: Everything. Mom cooks for me. No store bought "dry" food. I eat chicken, fish, beef and veggies.

Favorite toy: Any toy that makes noise.

Favorite activity: Every morning I get on the bed pull the blankets off dad and I nibble on his ear until he gets up. Then I start on mommy. When both are up we go for long walk at the park. What a nice way to start the day. Mom sometimes complaints. She says "it's too early to get up."

Special talents: I can hide my treats where nobody can find them. Although mom found one I put under dad's pillow!

Most embarrassing moment: Every time we have visitors I like to attack their feet and untie their shoelaces. Well, one of those "older ladies" tripped and almost fell down.

Most trouble I ever got into: When mom found me on the street and brought me in I did not know where to do my business. So I got into trouble a couple of times when I used the rug in the hallway. Now I know better.

My favorite friends: Cookie, a nine year old shitzu that belongs to my grandma and Chub, the bulldog that mom brought in for a few days when he was lost. Now he lives with the neighbors across the street.

Biggest adventure: Mom and dad take me every where they go.They took me to HomeDepot last week, put me in the cart and rolled me all over the store. But my biggest adventure was when we visited mom's brother. I met some weird animals there. Did not meet the rabbits but I sure like the chickens!! They even laid eggs and I love to eat eggs.

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