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Breed: Female Westie
Essex, England
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Born: December 1994
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Essex, England
Weight: Too embarrased to say!

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maisies moments

Favorite food: Chicken, anything my Dad's Eating!!

Favorite toy: Squeakies, of course, especially edible ones.

Favorite activity: Eating, sleeping, Chasing critturs, BARKING at 3am, love watching the fireworks, and barking at them too, and best of all chasing moggies.

Special talents: Being cute, Begging, Im an expert! And understanding English!

Most embarrassing moment: Eating Foxes doo-doo, and licking my mums friend's face, (she don't come round too often now)!

Most trouble I ever got into: As Above, and getting stuck in a fence when chasing a C-A-T.

My favorite friends: Fudge, my mini-dachshund, and Jessica a cross poodle with a sheep! (she's the biggest poodle ever).

Biggest adventure: Going out in the car, to the beach and, going to work with my dad, hes' a plumber, and I looked after his tools on a site! (everybody liked me and fed me all day when dad wasn't looking!)

Member since 01/18/2003
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