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Miss Maizie
Breed: Female Westie
Torrington, Wyoming
Miss Maizie
Miss Maizie
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Born: 09/13/2008
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Torrington, Wyoming
Weight: 6 pounds

Favorite food: Corn chips, Cheese, MEAT!

Favorite toy: My siblings & sqeaky toys.

Favorite activity: Most favorite activity in the whole wide world is going to breakfast with Daddy and Uncle Mark every Saturday morning! Other fav activities includ terrorizing my brother, wrestling with my sister, and giving kisses to my Mommy & Daddy.

Special talents: I can make confetti out of your favorite book or magazine. I can find and chew an entire pack of gum!

Most embarrassing moment: When Daddy spilled cold spaghetti sauce on me and I was orange for a week!

Most trouble I ever got into: Making confetti out of an ancient Danish family Bible.

My favorite friends: My brother & sister.

Biggest adventure: Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Big event since I'm from Wyoming!

Member since 06/30/2012
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