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Breed: Male Westie
Angels Camp, California
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Born: May 4, 2001
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Angels Camp, California
Weight: 25 pounds

Favorite food: Chicken Breast.

Favorite toy: Red Monkey.

Favorite activity: Watching TV.

Special talents: I am going through training to be a Therapy Dog, and will soon be visiting Hospitals and Rest Homes making people happy.

Most embarrassing moment: I embarassed my Dad when I releived myself on or friends velvet couch.

Most trouble I ever got into: My birthplace was Las Vegas, NV, and the morning my Mom and Dad were coming from California to pick me up, my brother and I played in the mud and I had to get a bath before they got to our house. Boy! did we get in trouble!!!

My favorite friends: I love Marsha, Luka, & Shirley; I really like the ladies.

Biggest adventure: For my second birthday, Mom and Dad took me to Las Vegas for my Birthday Party with my brother and sister. It was a great party.

Member since 10/01/2004
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