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Breed: Female Westie
Edmond, Oklahoma
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Born: 09/2007
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Edmond, Oklahoma
Weight: 22 pounds

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Favorite food: Grilled Salmon and scrambled eggs with cheese!!! Yummy! I don't get to eat them everyday, but when I do, it's a holiday for my belly!! ;))

Favorite toy: Plush, fuzzy, soft, long snakes! My toybox is full of them and I LOVE to drag them around the house!! ;))...Also, Gimli! He's my live toy and been my favorite source of entertainment since the moment I laid eyes on him, as a puppy, when I was brought to my forever home and people... He's grumpy on some days, but that just makes it MORE fun!!! Hee Hee Hee!!! ;))

Favorite activity: Playing in my mini plastic swimming pool in the backyard!! Mommy & Daddy got it for me, when I showed them how much i LOVE playing in water! They only fill it up on special days, when they have time to sit outside and just hang out in the back yard all day, mixing cool refreshments and grilling yummy food for us! They worry I guess, because they love me soooo much, so they have to be my life guard! Hee Hee, they're so funny! But I like them watching me anyway, because I do lot's of cute stuff, just to make them smile and laugh!... I love to get in it... walk in circles a few times in the water...and then jump out... and run all around the yard soaking wet... roll around in the grass... and then do it all over again!! Woo hoo!!

Special talents: I can turn my cuteness past 10 and take it up to 11... That's the special difference in my cuteness volume, and I find it gets me anything I want about 99% of the time!! ;))

Most embarrassing moment: When Mommy caught me giving kisses to my boyfriend, Gimli. I'm kinda private about stuff, I'm a Virgo Westie, so I thought me and Gims were all alone, and when I saw Mommy suddenly there, I hid my face for awhile... I don't know why... It's not like me and Gimli's love for each other is a secret or anything... I just like my peace and privacy honored, that's all. ;)

Most trouble I ever got into: Awwwweee gosh.... I don't like to think about that day... It was when I was still a baby kinda, well under a year old and Mommy was driving me to see the Vet for something...I saw something out the window, that I wanted to go after and I jumped all over my Mommy while she was trying to drive!! I was just trying to to tell her about it!! ...Well, that's not entirely true... I was pretending I was gonna go after it, and went all bonkers!! She didn't appreciate me jumping in front of her face and landing on her arms while she was steering... She spoke to me in a tone I've never heard before that day, or ever since... I'm sorry I scared my Mommy like that... She had a loving talk with me when we got home, while she held me and kissed me and explained why...and I understood every word! ...Because we doggies DO you know! ...So I've never been in trouble since! ... I'm an angel, and that's why God made me a white Westie! ;)

My favorite friends: Gimli, he's my Cairn Terrier husband/brother/best friend... He's my everything really!! And NO I won't share him!!

Biggest adventure: The biggest travel adventure I've ever been on yet, was driving out to California with my Mommy, Daddy & Gimli and getting to swim in the ocean and play ball on the sand!!! It took us three whole days to get there from Oklahoma and then three whole days to get back, so we saw and smelled a lot of interesting sights and aromas along the way!! ;))

...And to tell you the truth, everyday of my life in my backyard is an adventure!! My Mommy & Daddy picked out the lot and house they wanted to buy based on the happiness of me and Gimli! And then they put up a fence with bars that we can easily see right through!! It's almost like not having a fence, except it does keep me from running around in the woods like I want to. But I understand they're just protecting me, but still, it would be killer if I ever got to storm the territory!! There's a creek back there, not too far beyond where my fence stops me and Gimli from going, with tons of big trees, and that means there's a lot of shady comings and goings of squirrels, bunnies and skunks!! And they try to cut through our yard every now and then!!! He He He!! ...So it's actually my favorite place on earth other than being on my Daddy's or Mommy's lap, or napping on their bed while they're at work!! ... But when I need a thrill, I don't have far to look...All I have to do is look out the back windows and ask Mommy to let me out to play!! And woo hoo! ..I'm out and off across the yard!!.... Hee Hee Hee Heee!! Yeaah! I'm starting to feel like I better go check on things right now!!... It's my favorite place in the world...my backyard!! Until I'm at the back door wanting to come in... then you better not make me wait longer than 10 seconds!!

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