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Mischief (Mishy)
Breed: Female Cairn
Rhode Island
Mischief (Mishy)

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January 17, 2005
Mischief (Mishy)
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Born: May 16, 1988
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Rhode Island
Weight: A lady doesn't reveal her weight

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Tucker and Cooper

Favorite food: Anything my people are eating, Nutro Natural Ultra Senior biscuits.

Favorite toy: I don't play with toys anymore but when I was younger I liked squeaky toys, tennis balls and dishtowels.

Favorite activity: Eating, sleeping, having my ears skritched, supervising Daddy in the yard, being with my people.

Special talents: I used to be able to dance on my hind legs but now they don't work so good. My special talents now are being cute and writing my memoirs to be published in Col. Potter Cairn Rescue's book "Written in Stone."

Most embarrassing moment: None. I never get embarrassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: When I climbed up on the table and ate my parents' dinner when they were not in the room.

My favorite friends: My dearest admirer Tucker, My friends on AOL and TC, my Col. Potter "cousins".

Biggest adventure: I used to love to go to the beach and go swimming. My latest and greatest adventure was when I went hunting and the people forgot about me so I stopped for a mud bath and the people got all scared cos they couldn't find me. I knew where I was, I was just waiting for them to find me. Boy, were they happy to see ME when they did find me!

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Tucker and Cooper
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