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Breed: Male Westie
Saint Charles, Missouri
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Born: January, 1999??
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Saint Charles, Missouri
Weight: 15 pounds

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Favorite food: Cheese bagels & bacon strips!

Favorite toy: A stuffed dog that sings "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

Favorite activity: Kissing my new Mommy, barking at everything and everybody that goes by as I sit in the window seat with my little sister, Shani.

Special talents: Mommy says I am very smart. Just last week I was terrified of steps - going up & down them like a champ now - you see up until about 10 days ago I have lived my whole life in a puppy mill - so almost everything is new and exciting to me! It is not an award, or a talent....but I do have the most adorable ears, don't you agree??

Most embarrassing moment: Ifting my leg and "christening" my new hu-sister Carley the first night I came home!

Most trouble I ever got into: Don't know what that is yet.....but I think my sister is trying to teach me.

My favorite friends: Well lets see....EVERYBODY is my friend! I have an older brother Homeless, and a little sister Shani, and a fur-niece named Zoe. I love my hu-sister Carley...and there is a little hu-girl named Bailey - I like her a lot..I think she belongs to my hu-sister Kelly..I also think my new Daddy George is pretty cool. I get real excited when I see him....but I have to say...I love my Mommy the mostest of all!

Biggest adventure: Going to my forever home. It was a long ride when Mommy and Carley brought me home and I didn't even throw up once!

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