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Breed: Male Westie
Thomaston, Connecticut
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Born: July, 2001 (Rescued!)
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Thomaston, Connecticut
Weight: 17.8 pounds

Favorite food: Vension and Rice.

Favorite toy: Tennis Ball, My Blue Cow, Daddy's Socks.

Favorite activity: Protecting yard from squirrels, eating, bribing Mom for table treats, snuggle-puppies with Mom, napping on laundry piles, chasing Merlin and Kayla, the cats I live with, standing right next to Mom while she is cooking (or anywhere).

Special talents: I can go outside walk around for 20 minutes then come inside and do pooples (as mom calls it) on the living room carpet. This is Mom's personal favorite.

Most embarrassing moment: Well for starters every day is an embarrasment when your Mom calls you MooMoo in public!! My given name is Max! I have two other embarrassing moments both at a vet! At my regular vet I ate the ear junk that came out after he cleaned my ears...grossed him right out! Then I was at the vet for an emergency visit (icky tummy) and I poopled right on the floor in the waiting area..I thought they would need a fresh sample! Just trying to be helpful! Mom got to hang onto it while we waited (hee hee)!

Most trouble I ever got into: I lifted my little leg on my grammie's couch the first time I met her...you know territory and all!

My favorite friends: Merlin and Kayla, My kitty brother and sister, my girlfriend Murphy, (grandma's Bichon) even though she hates me....she'll come around I am pretty hard to resist especially with the StudMuffin cologne my Mom bought me at Petco!

Biggest adventure: My biggest adventure was getting rescued by my new Mom after being in a shelter in New Jersey for 8 months. My old people treated me really badly, and threw me away in a dumpster but they got arrested and fined for what they did. Mom saw me on Petfinders and started campaigning to get me! Anyway, Mom won them over and came from Connecticut one day after moving into our new house and picked me up! It was love at first sight! I drove all the way home from New Jersey to Connecticut on my Mom's lap and even helped her pay all of the tolls on the bridges!!

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