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Breed: Male Cairn
Rocky Ford, Colorado
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Born: February, 2000
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Rocky Ford, Colorado
Weight: 18 pounds (All Muscle)

Favorite food: What ever is on that GRILL!

Favorite toy: Basketball, tennis ball, frisbee.

Favorite activity: Rolling the basketball around the yard and up the fence 24/7.

Special talents: I can get my whole body in my water dish and blow bubbles.

Most embarrassing moment: Well, you see I was running with the frisbee flipped up in front of my face and someone put a tree in my way. Need I say more....

Most trouble I ever got into: I dug out of the yard and went on a great adventure. :o{

My favorite friends: My darling little Andee of course (RufRuf), Diablo and Hawkeye (horses) visit through the fence.

Biggest adventure: Chasing rabbits, but you know cats are really my favorite. ;o}

Member since 02/03/2002
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