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Ozzie, Gee Willikers, Webster
Breed: Male Westies
Davis, California
Ozzie, Gee Willikers, Webster
Ozzie, Gee Willikers, Webster
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Born: Dec '92, Apr '98, Jun '01
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Davis, California
Weight: 18 lbs, 16 lbs, 17 lbs

Favorite food: Steak!!!

Favorite toy: Ozzie-sock, Willikers-ball, Webster-stuffed carrot.

Favorite activity: Barking, going for rides, going for walks, surveying the backyard, going to the beach.

Special talents: EBay models.

Most embarrassing moment: Misbehaving on walks.

Most trouble I ever got into: Knocking over the garbage, marking corners in the house.

My favorite friends: Gramma and Granddad.

Biggest adventure: Going on vacation to the coast and chasing the waves.

My web page: Ozzie, Gee Willikers, Webster's Website
Member since 10/07/2004
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