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Breed: Male Cairn
Chicago, Illinois
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Born: February, 1992
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Weight: 17 pounds

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Favorite food: Just Food.

Favorite toy: The little tennis ball that Annie has.

Favorite activity: Trying to figure out how to get that tennis ball and make a quick get a way.

Special talents: Jumping from were the rug under the table ends to the big chair by the window, need the rug for a little traction.

Most embarrassing moment: Well I always lift my one leg very high when I am going poop and one day the grass was wet and I had just finished and before you knew it I lost my footing and fell right in what I had just done , and can you beleive it Mom called me a poop poop head but I was sitting in the tub getting cleaned up.

Most trouble I ever got into: No trouble, Mom says I am just to sweet to do anything wrong.

My favorite friends: Casey and Emma on Terrier Club page 32 and Westchester on page 53 and Annie-Laurie on page 21, but we are not sure if Annie likes us , but she does keep us all in line.

Biggest adventure: I lived out side for 11 yrs in GA and I was rescured by Cairn Rescue USA and I went to SC to be fostered for awhile and then on to Chicago to be fostered and my Mom just thought I was the sweeties guy that she better keep me so she adopted me, I think the last thing she needed was another Cairn but I am glad she did.

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