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Sammy and Tuendi
Breed: Male and Female Westie
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Sammy and Tuendi
Sammy and Tuendi
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Born: January, 2000
Breed: Male and Female Westie
Residence: Simpsonville, South Carolina
Weight: Sammy- 17 lbs, Tuendi- 16 lbs

Favorite food: Sammy - I'm not picky. If it falls from the sky, and lands in my mouth, I like it.

Tuendi - I love watermelon and ice cream.

Favorite toy: Sammy- I love furry things I can kill.

Tuendi- My favorite toys are all white furry critters with squeakers.

Favorite activity: We both love to go for walks, play tag with the cats,visit our cousins Chloe and Oliver in Asheville, and get herded by our Border Collie buddy Mercy.

Special talents: Sammy is Head of Home Security- he lets us know whenever someting is in the yard. Tuendi is our Social Commitee Chairdog - making everyone feel welcome.

Most embarrassing moment: As westies, we are dignified at all times. And wouldn't admit it if we weren't.

Most trouble I ever got into: Sammy got into lots of trouble when he ran away at dog camp. Tuendi gets in trouble when she is unfriendly to new dogs.

My favorite friends: Our cousins Chloe and Oliver in Asheville.

Biggest adventure: Sammy's biggest adventure was moving up to SC from Atlanta to come live with us. Then we moved together to Ohio and back to SC.

Member since 07/30/2001
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