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Breed: Male Cairn
Geneva, Illinois
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Born: June, 2002
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Geneva, Illinois
Weight: 19.5 pounds.

Favorite food: Solid Gold...well that's what they feed me. I adore cottage cheese though.

Favorite toy: Any fuzzy yellow tennis ball will do!

Favorite activity: Mom takes me to the dog park almost every morning and we walk with our other "morning pals"...Trooper, Princess, Casey, and Winston.

Special talents: Well...I haven't earned any awards yet. But mom and I are in our 25th week of agility and last week I went for my first earth-dog training session. In January, mom and I might start pet therapy classes if dad lets us. Dad thinks mom has me too "involved"

Most embarrassing moment: I'm a Cairn so there's many. The first day I came to live with mom and dad, I peed on mom's new floral sofa. And I fart alot in front of strangers. Or is that dad? No....I think it's me!

Most trouble I ever got into: I got into a burr patch once; it wasn't pretty and it took mom and dad a long time to "de-burr" me. And when I was little, I took one end of mom's favorite needlepoint rug and ran back and forth until it was unraveled. That wasn't one of my finer moments.

My favorite friends: The lady and man across the street have a Welsh Terrier named "Reece". He's only 13 weeks old. One day a week he comes over for "play day" so that his mom can go to work and not feel guilty. He's pretty nice. And I go to Day Care at Ruffner's Doggie Day Care (www.ruffnersdoggiedaycare.com) in Geneva once a week. I have TONS of friends there. I play with the smaller dogs but they put me in with the big dogs too because EVERYONE likes me!

Biggest adventure: We live near the Fox River which is pretty wide and one day I ran into the river to chase the ducks. Mom and dad didn't even know I could swim. Mom was on the shore screaming because I was gettin carried down river and dad started to swim in after me. What a couple of over-protective parents! After I harrased the ducks for a few seconds, I paddled back to shore.

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