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Sonny and Cayla
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Ocean Ridge, Florida
Sonny and Cayla
Sonny and Cayla
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Born: Cayla DOB11/28/03. Sonny Gotcha3/9/04
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Ocean Ridge, Florida
Weight: Sonny - 19 pounds. Cayla 16 pounds.

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Sonny and Cayla

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Favorite food: Sonny - Anything my sister is eating. Cayla - everything.

Favorite toy: Sonny -Squeaky toy bunny? Cayla Leopard print ball.

Favorite activity: Sonny - Running around in the yard and barking at people walking by. Cayla - Hiding from my mom and barking at people walking by.

Most embarrassing moment: Sonny - None yet I am a good boy/ Cayla, peeing on my mom when she first held me.

Most trouble I ever got into: Sonny - Tinkling on my mom's new rug. Cayla - Eating part of a door and part of a baseboard.

My favorite friends: Sonny - Cayla and my grandmom (she gives us lots of treats) Cayla - Sonny and my grandmom.

Biggest adventure: Sonny - Escaping from the car when I came to my forever home. Cayla - when I ran away and ended two towns away. The police called my mom and dad to let them know that I was found.

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