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Tattie and Billy
Breed: Female Westie, Male Cairn
Melbourne, Australia
Tattie and Billy
Tattie and Billy
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Born: Aug '00, Mar '00
Breed: Female Westie, Male Cairn
Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Weight: 11 lbs, 20 lbs

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A Cairn and a Westie from Down Under

Favorite food: (Tattie): All Food!
(Billy): Shouldn't be but it's spaghetti bolognaise!

Favorite toy: Tattie): Anything Chewable.
(Billy): Teddy.

Favorite activity: (Tattie): Barking at anything or anyone!
(Billy): Running round the house at full speed!

Special talents: (Tattie): Balancing on my behind ("begging").
(Billy): Climbing on the couch - and balancing along the back!

Most embarrassing moment: (Tattie): Weeing on Mum and Dad's bed!
(Billy): Haven't had one yet - sure I will one day!

Most trouble I ever got into: (Tattie): Chewing up Mum's brand new pair of shoes.
(Billy): Escaping out the gate into a neighbour's yard.

My favorite friends: (Tattie): Billy, my "brother".
(Billy): My "sister" Tattie.

Biggest adventure: (Tattie): Visiting the beach for the first time!
(Billy): Going down to the beach house for the Christmas holidays!

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