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Breed: Female Cairn
Schaumburg, Illinois
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Born: May, 1997
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Schaumburg, Illinois
Weight: A lady never tells (besides, I'm on a diet!)

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Favorite food: M&Ms, even though I'm not supposed to have them cuz they're chocolate - and I also LOVE CHEESE!! YUMMM.

Favorite toy: My brother Tucker - he's on page 12 of the Terrier Club! I also love my little pink bunny - I treat it like it's my own baby - Sparkle Poms (they are the cat's toys, but I stole them all!), and any toy that makes lots of noise and can be destroyed!

Favorite activity: Chasing Tucker all around the house, ripping stuffing out of all my toys, and hunting snakes in the backyard. I also like to catch the occasional TV show - anything with dogs or snakes are my favorites. I watch Animal Planet a lot - Crocodile Hunter is my FAVORITE show because I love his Australian voice - I sit in front of the screen mesmerized every time he is on. Everyone laughs because I watch TV, but people watch it, and dogs are people too, so I should watch TV, right?

Special talents: I am VERY good at 'sit pretty' - but that is my only real trick...who needs to perform when you are as cute as I am, right?! I am also a puppy kindergarten and basic dog school graduate from PetSmart's obedience program. I am an expert begger and can hear an M&M drop on the floor from three rooms away.

Most embarrassing moment: One time at dog school I saw some really neat animals called 'fish' and they were swimming in a thing called an aquarium. But the aquarium was REALLY clean and I thought they were just swimming in the air, so I tried to catch one for dinner, and all I got was a sore face. And everyone laughed at me too! Ooooh that was embarrassing! Also, in a moment that competes with that one for most embarrassing of all time - again at dog school - I crawled underneath the shelves of dog food looking for food that may have spilled out of a bag...and I got STUCK and couldn't get back out. Oh I never lived that one down - they called me 'butterball' and 'miss piggy' for the whole rest of class!

Most trouble I ever got into: For awhile, I had some problems with my 'dog-sister' Cinderella - she is a Cocker Spaniel and we did not get along very well. I beat her up a whole lot and we had to go to the vet for shots and antibiotics a lot. I was in HUGE trouble all the time because I was not nice to her at all. The worst fight we had was right after Cinder had surgery on her ear - I tore her stitches out, and I got stuck in a cage for the whole rest of the week because I had been VERY NAUGHTY. I don't get into many fights with Cinder anymore, but if she goes near my bone, I still snap sometimes. Mom says I'm 150% better now - I am glad, because I really want to make her happy!

My favorite friends: Tucker, my 4 year old Cairn "brother" is my BEST friend in the whole world -- I was his birthday present when he was two years old, and he couldn't have received a better gift if I do say so myself! I also love Bailey, the Golden Retriver next door - he's my 'boyfriend' and comes to visit me a lot. I do not like cats very much, one cat in particular - Cody - he lives in our house and for some reason he just gets on my nerves. I do NOT like German Sheperds or any dogs that are all black - I was attacked by an all-black German Sheperd once and now I don't trust any of them, so they are my biggest enemies.

Biggest adventure: I have lots of adventures, but the biggest ones would probably be the ones where I have gone on trips far away from home in the car and stayed in hotels. One time I went away with my family to a hotel, and someone in the family got sick and had to stay at the hospital, so we had to stay longer than we had planned. I got very bored at the hotel because I had to spend a lot of time by myself, but it was made worth it because my mom had only brought enough food for me for the days we were staying, so I got to order ROOM SERVICE! I was in heaven - I wished that I could have lived at that hotel for the rest of my life. Another adventure I had was when I went snake hunting in the backyard - I caught this big juicy garden snake, and then my fun was spoiled when I wasn't allowed to come inside to enjoy it...humans spoil all the really good fun, don't they?

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