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Breed: Male Westie
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
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Born: July, 2003
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Weight: 5 pounds

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Some pictures of my little furbaby!

Favorite food: My puupy food is all I've had so far.

Favorite toy: My stuffed "baby".

Favorite activity: Playing ball, Playing with my big brother Chance, and sleeping with mommy.

Special talents: I'm learning new tricks every day!

Most embarrassing moment: When I went potty in the middle of the street at a festival.

Most trouble I ever got into: When I chased my neighbors kitty and got in trouble by mommy AND the neighbors.

My favorite friends: My big brother Chance, my neighbor Satch and TeaBow, and my cousins "little girl" and "little boy"

Biggest adventure: When I drove in a car from my old house to my new and forever home.

Member since 11/06/2003
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