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Breed: Female Cairn
Nazareth, Pennsylvania
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Born: July, 2001
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Weight: 12 pounds.

Favorite food: My Big Brothers Dog Food...yummy!

Favorite toy: Tennis Balls!!

Favorite activity: I love to play (esp. with my BIG brother), take walks, and SLEEP!! hehe.

Special talents: I have tons of talents...(but I guess my owner doesn't think that chewing things is one of them...*shrugs*) I Love to crawl on my belly! And so many other funny things too!!

Most embarrassing moment: When I chewed through my collar and broke loose outside!

Most trouble I ever got into: Me? get into trouble?? NEVER! Well...actually...since you asked... I do like to chew my mom's kitchen rugs..YUMMY!! But for some reason... I always get into trouble!! I just don't get it!

My favorite friends: My BIG brother, Scooby, my neighbor puppies..Layla and Toby, Taco, Licorice and my cousin Buttons.

Biggest adventure: My BIG adventure is when I get to go for car rides!! That is SO much fun!!

My web page: Toto's Website
Member since 05/25/2002
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