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Tucker and Kaytlyn
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Joplin, Missouri
Tucker and Kaytlyn
Tucker and Kaytlyn
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Born: Jun '01, Dec '01
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Joplin, Missouri
Weight: 14 lbs, 5 lbs

Favorite food: Tucker- Meaty Bones. Kaytlyn- whatever Tucker has.

Favorite toy: Tucker- Red Football. Kaytlyn- Blue Dumbell.

Favorite activity: Tucker- Digging in the Yard, Chasing birds, and playing with Mom. Kaytlyn- Playing with my dumbell, being outside with my brother & EATING!!!!

Special talents: Tucker- I can sit up & sit pretty, and do flips. Kaytlyn- I can take a treat form anybody, no matter how big the other dog!! And I am adorable...is that a talent?

Most embarrassing moment: Tucker- I am never embarrassed, except by my bratty little sister!!! Kaytlyn- well I tried to climb up the drain pipe and got stuck!! Thank Goodness!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Tucker- I rolled Kaytlyn in a bag of charcoal and in the mud, I don't know why mom got mad...I saw it on 101 dalmations! She thought it was cute then. Kaytlyn- I am always in trouble or on my way !! I am only 12 weeks old you know! But specifically, I dug out from the fence when mom wasn't looking and was trying to digging in the neighbors yard!!

My favorite friends: Tucker & Kaytlyn- Torrie & Sheba & Aunt Kathy.

Biggest adventure: Tucker- Aunt kathy took me for a walk and I got out of my leash and she had to chase me for an hour! It was the best game of chase I ever had! Kaytlyn- Playing in the mud & charcoal with my brother and chasing birds in the backyard.

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