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Breed: Male Cairn
Chicago, Illinois
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Born: 1998
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Weight: 15 pounds

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Favorite food: Food, I love it all.

Favorite toy: The ones with a noise in them

Favorite activity: Getting that thing out that is making noise.

Special talents: My special Talent is that my new sisters and brother all like me.

Most embarrassing moment: When I came in to my new home and saw my new family, I went on Mom's purse that she left by the door, not the best beginning.

Most trouble I ever got into: I chewed up Mom's gym shoe and the heel of her good shoes.

My favorite friends: My favorite friends are Annie (on page 21) and Casey & Emma (on page 32). Mom lost Molly about a month before I arrived, but I know Mom still misses her.

Biggest adventure: I was born in a puppy mill in Mo. and I lived there for over two years, and then I was rescued by Cairn Rescue and taken to Texas, to be taken care of and make sure I was ok and then on to my foster home in Chicago and I would stay there till I found a new home, but guess what my Foster Mom is now my forever Mom, she said that she just loves me to much to let me go and I now have a forever family, Mom said Westchester is not the name she would have picked for me, but she will keep because it is the first thing that was mine.

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