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Breed: Female Westie
Valladolid, Spain
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Born: February, 2003
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Valladolid, Spain
Weight: 3 kg (7 lbs)

Favorite food: Affinity PetCare for small puppies (called Purina ProPlan before), and whatever my mom is eating!

Favorite toy: My ball's collection and a giant plastic carrot my mom gave me the day I was 3 months.

Favorite activity: Playing with mom and her friends, running so fast coming and going without any particular reason, investigating everything I can see or smell (I'm so very curious!), chewing my toys and the furniture, stealing socks, barking at my own poops (that makes my mom laugh!) and, of course, eatig!! As you all see, I'm a busy girl.

Special talents: I make my mom laugh a lot, I understand the words "sit", "down" and "come" and I can do almost everything you want me to do to get a treat.

Most embarrassing moment: What does "embarrasing" mean? That word is totally unknow to me, probably cause I'm a Terrier (this is what my mom says, I don't really understand why... he, he).

Most trouble I ever got into: Not big trouble yet, cause I'm too young for this. Ony things like chewing parts of the kitchen table or my mom's shoes, peeing on the carpet and "repainting" the wall with poops. Hey! I didn't like the colour of that wall, thought brown was perfect, but mom didn't appreciate the efforts of an artist!

My favorite friends: Mommy, grandpa and grandma, and all mom's friends.

Biggest adventure: Travelling from Ciudad Real (the town where I was born and my breeder lives) to Valladolid, to meet my mommy and stay with her forever.

Member since 05/05/2003
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