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Apr 29, 2015 at 23:50
• Theo

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Brief Hello Vote for this post

Sorry I haven't been here much lately, the Monsanto Event has been
taking up most of my time and energy, but had to pop in and see how everyone is
doing. Yoka, I hope your specialist will have some good news about your eye
sight. Thinking of Richard too and sending healing thought and hugs for all of

Deb, I hope Judy’s is getting back on her feet again, healing
thoughts going out for her. I'm so happy to see Mr Willie and the E-Gang getting
the ball rolling again with their humorous adventures. Maks, I just love your
photo, you have developed into a handsome lad and we love seeing your momma so
happy again. Nimby Sue, it’s wonderful that your daddy is working close to home
and I’m glad you are all settling in. So sorry Annie about the horse, you’ve
got such a big heart and helping with that situation could not have been easy
for you.

John, Peggy looks great and she has settled right in, love her bed.
Nice to see Kim and Marie back, throw a rope around them Willie and don’t let
them get away again.
  I see I’ve got lots of
catching up to do with the Adventures Forum as well as all the new members

As my Casey would have said... hawt doggers, we's goin to de cabin, see yous all in a weik or so.

hugs, Theo xox

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Apr 29, 2015 at 23:50
• Theo

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Wrong Forum, sorry

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