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Evie went to the bridge at 2:00 am from Reply to this Message

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Moshe & Levi
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Jun 20, 2016 at 13:27
• Yoka

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Evie went to the bridge at 2:00 am from Vote for this post

Cardiac arrest.
Natasha called me at 6:00 AM she knows that is the time I get up. They gave her hope yesterday Natasha told us. She came for a quick visit for Father's Day. She brought us lots of eggplants and mini cheese cakes.
Am making Parmesan Eggplant now.
Natasha had so much hope that Evie would make it because they told her that Evie needed surgery. She had a large mass in her abdomen. It was not to be. Hope Moshe was greeting her at the gate.
She will be missed she was one of the sweetest girl we ever met. Evie loved everyone.
Rest in peace sweet Evie.

Love, Levi,Angel Moshe and Yoka

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