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Jan 29, 2017 at 11:42
(United Kingdom)
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Hulloo Bestest Fwend EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hullloo Bestest Fwend...are yoo oot thar?...wot have yoo beens up to today?...we hads Jack Fwost last night..I wents to bedie late cos Mummy and Daddy watched a pwogwam called Wallender wiv Kenneth Branagh...Gosh he gots stwess mummy says!... and he vewy deep but she likes the pwogwamme ...anyway today we beens oot in the motor car in the dwy and now later on its waining and howwid so we in the warm and I  waiting for my din dins...I always on the lookoot for food but I tells mummy...its my stewoids not me!!...I hopes yoo got better wevver than owrs.I understand aboot yoo and Boy Doggo's but yoo cans have plenty of fun and no Hanky Panky I do say....Just sit on yor botty if yoo meets any of them...that way they will get the message that yoo just a gooder fwend and not a Galfwend if yoo see wots I mean!!...I iss my Mr Willie so vewy much and Mummy puts one of his piccies in anuvver frame by my beddieside...I can kiss him still evewy night. Mummy going to do my dinner now ...Oops I forgotted to tell yoo Mummy twimmed my coat up a likkle yesterday and she wos going to baff me but its too much all in one go she says cos I older now and dont need the stwess all in one go ...so Yippeee..saved fwom the Rub a Dub Tub yet agains...I wants to watch Bwuvver A in thar Ha Ha ....Big Kissies and Huggies Fwom Bestest fwend NimbySue and bwuvver A  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Jan 29, 2017 at 13:13
• Deborah

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Re: Hulloo Bestest Fwend EmmieSue Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Hulloo Bestest Friend Nimby Sue! I so glad you gots out in da motor car fer a ride! It cold an blowin snow here and more comin later in the week. Mommy still barkin up a storm sos Daddy been takin me out fer my walkies an dem squirrelies is drivin  me bonkers. Da is eberywhere an cheeky buggers--I swear da is laughin at me cause they know Daddy won let me off leash ta chase dem! You jus wait, one a des days, when da least expect it, I is goin ta nab one a dem an den see if da laugh at me! HA!! I is so glad you gots a piccie a Mr. Willie sos you can hab a talk to him in da wee hours a da mornin--jus you an him. Dat has ta be a comfort ta you when you is missin him. I bet you looks real spiffy wif your twim job an what a clever girl ta get outta dat rub-a-dub-dub. Let Bwuvver A clog up da dwain--Ha!Ha! Oh, I nots met any boyyo dat is worf my time an effort. Mommy says I is a picky lass an dats a good thing! You stay warm an snug an we talk soon!
Lub you all lots an lots, bestest friend Emmie Sue

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