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Eileen and Minnie
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Mar 12, 2017 at 22:33
• Eileen

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Elevated Protein Levels Vote for this post

Hey all.  Minnie had her dental cleaning a couple of days ago.  Pre-surgical screen came back good except for slightly elevated protein levels.  She hasn't been wanting to eat much the past 2 weeks either.  Vet put her on antibiotics since he thinks she has an infection.  He wanted to try feeding her Science Diet K/D.  She had some the day after her dental, and ate some.  Next day, she had some and threw up 4 times that day. No more of that stuff for her.  Fed her chicken broth the rest of the day/night so that she could settle her stomach down.  This morning I fed her some oven roasted chicken and she kept that down.  I didn't feed her anything during the day since I think her tummy is pretty tender yet.  Tonight I fed her more of the chicken and she ate that down fast.  Plus she had one of her regular treats which she hasn't really wanted in a few days.  She doesn't drink excessive water or have to potty any more than usual and her energy level is normal.  I am worried about the protein levels. Have any of you had a dog with this issue?  Any info would be much appreciated!  

Eileen and Minnie
Chester and McGregor at the Bridge

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Mar 14, 2017 at 12:52
• Eve

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Phoenix is on Hills prescription diet, it's the I/D low fat and low protein
Crude Protein5.2% min
Crude Fat1.7% min
Crude Fat4.0% max
Crude Fiber0.8% max
I did BOIL a bit of chicken  at first, but now I do veggies.
She likes it and Tillie will eat if there's any left over.
Hope you get answers soon.

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