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Calling Bestest Fwend Emmie Sue Reply to this Message

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Aug 12, 2017 at 16:50
(United Kingdom)
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Calling Bestest Fwend Emmie Sue Vote for this post

Hulloo Bestest Fwend Emmie...Wot yoo beens up to ?....We back here now evewy day ..mummy hads been busy agains catching up at home and worky and we wanted to know how yor Mummy is doing now ...Is she weddy for a Marathon yet Bwuvver A says!!!...I seds to him not to be a silly Billy cos knees take a lot to make them mend agains!..anyway Mummy and us send healing Pwayers still for her to get better soon and also how is Kitty doing?...Mummy says its  sad but we know Kitty cuds not be in a Better place than in yor luving home and to be cared for...Give her a likkle kiss fwom us all pweese.....we beens to the town this morning for a nice park walkie and we gets to have a nice tweet by going into a pet store and the lady gives us 2 gravy bone biccies....Mummy says I wills not walk past the shop untill she takes me to have a mooch round inside and Bwuvver A twies his best to steal bones and treats fwom the displays Ha Ha ...Bwuvver A wags his tail now lots and he never dids that when we got him...we be back here tomowwow and Sleep tight and Big Huggies and kissies to yoo Bestest fwend and I luvs yoo lots fwom Bestest Fwend NimbySue and Bwuvver A  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPS I sawed anuvver likkle Cairn the same culor as me today and Guess wot Bestest!!...she wos 17 yeers old...she hads got a likklle bit of dementia though so wos close to her mummy. x..talk tomowwow here 

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Aug 12, 2017 at 17:55
• Deborah

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Helloooo der bestest Friend Nimby Sue! Sounds like you been bery busy an when you gets a tweet fer jus walkin in da door of a shop---well, it dons get much better dan dat! Mommy are soldierin along wif her knee, still in therapy but dat are gettin cut back ta once a week wif her doin her exercises ebery day at home. Belieb me, wif me as her coach, her will be zingin aroun in no time!
 It been rainin buckets here an der were a tornado about 30 miles from here! YIKES I do say! Mommy had ta take piccies at different places taday but her is off tamorrow, an guess what???TOMORROW ARE MY BIRFDAY!! Yippee, I knows der are a bag a pressies in da pantry, but Mommy says NO PEEKIN! I speak tamorrow an tell you whats I got! Sleep tight an dons let no buggies bite! Oh, an I'll gib Mama Cat a nibble, I mean a smooch, from you. Her are doin berry good right now an Mommy an Daddy are prayin dat she stays dat way! Talk soon!
Lub you all lots an lots, bestest friend Emmie Sue

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