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Bwuvver Andrew wos in twubble again Reply to this Message

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Dec 23, 2017 at 16:42
(United Kingdom)
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Bwuvver Andrew wos in twubble again Vote for this post

Well I am telling on him agains because Mummy tooked us for a nice walkie and the lanes were all damper and sort of muddy and we gotted back home and Mummy just hads to nip into one of the sheds ootside to put sum gardening fings away and when she came in...only 5 minutes....where wos Bwuvver A?....I telled yoo he hads runned upstairs and onto 2 beddies which were white cotton duvets which had just been changed yesterday and into 3 window seat type ledges all wiv his muddy wet paws...well mummy putting a fing at the bottom of the stairs again so when he all muddy he cannot go zooming up thar...she hads to boil wash the duvet covers now and remake the beddies again....I tells yoo he just a oot of contwol thuggie boy..anyway Mummy wos telling him off...saying fings like wot a naughty boy he wos...she wos only gone 5 minutes and how he causes dirt evewywhar and then he all luggies back and as if he hads been beaten look ...then mummy gives him one of her......I dont know young man looks...and behind her back he starts to roll aroond in fun and glee on his back on the carpets!!...I do weckon Suckie sis never used to make such a mess as he dus in the hoose...and anuvver fing...he always cleaning and leggies and naughty bits like he getting reddy for a filmset of sumfing!....wish on Bwuvver A I do say!
On the uvver paw...I can do no wrong ...apart fwom Yappeting vewy loud at fings or even at noffing in the garden...and no one can hear anyway so thats no pwob and apart fwom  wanting food more often...thats only because of my likkle sewoid I take....I am The perfect Tewwier gal and so amusing and clever wiv it I do say myself...and also I weckon we are Pwetty Ugly....Yep that is it.....I am Pwetty and Bwuvver A is Ugly!!...Kissies fwom Luverly NimbySue...Ooops and I guess Gwubby Boy Bwuvver A who has now cleaned up his hard muddy crusty tummy....all reddy to sleep on the beddie again on the white duvet Ha Ha  xxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Dec 23, 2017 at 20:22
• Deborah

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Re: Bwuvver Andrew wos in twubble again Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Oh boy, dons Bwuvver A know dat Santa Paws are watchin him??? I dons know how you puts up wif him bestest friend Nimby Sue!! I mean there you is, bein your perfect liddle self an showin him an example a how ta behab an does he pay any attention?? NO SIR, he goes an makes a mess fer your poor Mummy ta clean up!! An den, he gibs her dem big puppy dog beaders an her pities him--I jus know she does! Yes indeed, you can only go about your business an let him get himself in twouble. Mommy says her not know nofin bout boy doggos sos maybe dis are normal fer dem...Hang in der bestest an dons let him get you down. Santa Paws will reward you fer your gooder behabior, yes indeedy.
Lub you all lots an lots, bestest friend Emmie Sue

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Sandra & MoppyLocks
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Dec 24, 2017 at 14:50
• Sandra

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Re: Bwuvver Andrew wos in twubble again Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

We have a commercial on TV here in the states that shows a dog coming in from the rain storm shaking it's body and head throwing clumps of mud all over the living room curtains,lamp shade,pillows,sofa,rug,ect ect. I think Mr.Andrew whats to be a superstar commerical actor and he was practicing for the part. 

I'm sorry to giggle a little at the back roll on the carpet. Oh I think we all can relate to the muddy dog carpet dance. A spray bottle of cleaner close at hand in the winter months.

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