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Feb 19, 2018 at 17:57
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13 years ago I happened upon this site  I was looking at my first dog on my own, I was looking for advice on a Westie.  I found my Cooper, he came home, we had trials and tribulations, we succeeded!  Cooper and I became a pair, shared adventures, moved across the county 4 times!  He and I share everything.  My buddy, the love of my life, my little boy, Mr. Bob Barker......he is not well   No response needed, prayers are.   It looks like advanced bladder cancer that just seemed to sneak up on us.  13 years has not been enough time and as devastated as I am, his puppy mill rescue brother Caesar will be more devastated.  He is Cooper's shadow, counts on him, follows him, dare I say, loves him more than I. Please keep both of my guys in your hearts, the next few months may be the toughest of my life.  Cold as this may seem, this will be harder on me than the loss of my parents, and my sister, all who I loved like no one else.

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